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You want expertise in your FM delivery, so it makes sense to engage with a specialist FM provider.

appex not only offers self-delivery but a supply chain with our close partners and their specialist engineers. This means you get the expert assistance you need, specific to the job that needs doing. No plumbers arriving at air conditioning tasks or electricians telling you they’re not qualified to fix your leak.

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Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance

circuit breaker panel repair

There’s much more to M&E maintenance than just looking after and managing your building systems. It’s about managing your assets and maintaining the investment you’ve made in your buildings. That’s why we do everything we can to help.

Our engineers partners` work hard to get to know everything about your Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) maintenance needs and compliance so you can relax in the knowledge that you’re in safe hands.

Our teams are armed with the skills and expertise required to assess and maintain all your M&E plant and equipment; critical power, cooling, lighting, heating, air-conditioning, ventilation systems, boiler maintenance, generators, fire and intruder alarms, CCTV, lifts and escalators and water treatment. 

Services we provide include; planned preventative maintenance, reactive maintenance, health and safety, minor works and projects, design and refurbs, fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, compliance works, statutory tests, including portable appliance testing (PAT), fixed wire testing and periodic tests.

Mechanical & Electrical

Additional Services


Statutory Compliance

The price of failure for both suppliers and clients in delivering a safe and secure environment is high. In extreme cases where there is a life or death threatening injury, it can result in prosecution and imprisonment and corporate manslaughter cases which, whilst rare, do focus on the responsibilities of directors and senior officers of an organisation. For most organisations the penalties for non-compliance may vary from heavy fines, increased insurance cost and of course reputational damage.

The focus however should not be about avoiding prosecution but implementing practical processes for keeping staff, the public and the buildings they occupy safe.

Failure to deliver compliance can also result in service delivery failures, which whilst not as severe as legal failures can impact on the operation of your facilities, your core business and your profits.

We will help you manage your regulatory commitments and streamline your maintenance system to ensure you meet your statutory obligations.

Fabric Maintenance

Our full range of building fabric maintenance services are performed by either dedicated site-specific handymen or using our mobile network crew who will visit you at short notice.

Our services can be provided as part of an integrated maintenance solution, combining fabric with mechanical and electrical maintenance, or as a stand-alone service. The choice is entirely yours and can include, surveys, inspections, roof repairs, brickwork, plumbing, door/lock repairs, stair repairs, drainage, ceiling tiles, redecoration, carpeting, glazing repairs, carpentry work and furniture and fittings repair & maintenance.

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Project Management & Support Services

We are capable of addressing, advising and ensuring compliance with regulations related to building Health, Safety, and Quality.


We can undertake conditional Audits, supervising a Building Handover Process and analysing Space Management.


We also offer a variety of support services,  these include Project Management, Fit-outs and fit-out  Management, Energy and Environment Management, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity.

24/7 Service Desk

Our FM Helpdesk is integral to all our services. We know how important it is for your business to always have someone on the end of the line. The more proactive we are, the less your people need to worry about the services. That said, there will always be a reactive element, allowing your team to get in contact at any time and by almost any means.

Our FM helpdesk team is highly trained to deliver an expert level of service. Combined with the latest in facilities management and specialist software, our helpdesk system intelligently manages and co-ordinates our services right across your workspace, operating 24/7, 365 days a year.

Fabric and Statuatory
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Planned Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance versus reactive repairs is a very one-sided battle.


Planned Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance versus reactive repairs is a very one-sided battle. Consider these advantages of scheduling your maintenance in advance rather than waiting to patch up the problem once it has developed.


Shutting down operations at any time can have a direct impact on your customers and revenue, but by planning ahead you can schedule preventive maintenance to be carried out when it will cause the least disturbance and/or inconvenience.

Set costs

Planned maintenance means set costs can be factored into annual budgets, as opposed to breakdowns that will entail unforeseen outlays. Add to this the inconvenience of random disruptions and the impacts can be severe.

Maximising equipment life cycles

When you are able to accurately pinpoint likely problems before they arise, parts needing to be repaired or replaced can be identified before they fail – possibly mitigating further related breakdowns with that particular piece of equipment.

Early intervention via a regular schedule assists in maximising the overall functionality and lifetime of the equipment.

Avoiding downstream issues

Aside from the immediate impact of a breakdown, unexpected incidents can lead to further complications down the line, possibly as a result of chain reaction breakdowns, or unforeseen safety issues.


The implementation of a management software solution enables us to capture data about all of your assets, while each asset is serviced and maintained separately. The data that is created can then help supply a long-term overview of trends and likelihoods.

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